This page explains how to set up Stripe with Orbitera and describes how to test that Stripe is working.

  1. If you don’t already have a Stripe account, you need to create one.

  2. Get your Secret Key from Stripe. This is under the API section.

  3. Log in to Orbitera, then click Settings.

  4. Click Third Party Integrations.

  5. Under Merchant APIs, click Add.

  6. Select Stripe.

  7. Under API Key, paste in the Secret Key.

  8. In the left panel, click Options.

  9. Check Enable Credit Card Payment.

Test a Credit Card Payment

After you’ve added Stripe to your account, you should make a test purchase to verify that Stripe was successfully enabled.

  1. Log in to your Orbitera customer portal.

  2. Go through purchase flow and enter credit card info using a Stripe test card to complete the purchase.

  3. Verify the purchase by logging into Stripe and checking for the transaction.


  • Orbitera supports multiple credit cards in the UI (go to Settings in the customer portal).

  • The customer will default to the credit card on file in subsequent purchases (this can be changed in Settings).