Orbitera Budgets enables the Reseller to help customers control costs. You can use Orbitera Budgets to manage a unified view of your costs and usage across multi-cloud for either specific customers or cloud providers or for more specific categories that you define. You can sign up for automated notifications that provide you with detailed status information, such as over or under budget, enabling you to identify potential issues early and take action to prevent cost overruns.

Creating a Budget

To create a budget navigate to:  

  • Settings >  Budgets (left nav under Cost Management)

This view lists all Budgets you have created.

To create a Budget:

  1. Click ADD (upper right)

  2. Enter Budget Name

    1. This name will be used in notifications

  3. Select currency of your Budget

    1. Default for the Budget is the default currency for your account

  4. Enter total Amount for your Budget

  5. Select The Base for your Budget

    1. Seller cost:  what you paid the Cloud Provider

    2. Customer cost:  what Orbitera has calculated for the customer based on their assigned price book

  6. Select the Period 

    1. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, or custom

  7. Select which Cloud Provider (or All) to monitor

  8. If desired refine by selecting Customers and choosing the Customer

  9. Further refine by selecting individual Cloud Accounts

    1. Note that refining by Cloud Accounts is disabled if multiple Customers are selected

  10. Click Add Notification

    1. Enter percentage of Budget you wish to notify on

  11. Click Add Recipient

  12. Click Contact Name and select Recipient

  13. Note that current release only supports selecting from your own Users

  14. Click Save 

Your budget will be visible right away in the list view.  the next time Billing import runs your budget will be evaluated relative to your current cost.  Create as many budgets as you need to manage your business.  

Coming soon

  • Customer recipients - we will add support to choose Customer users so you can configure budgets for your customers and notify them directly if they are out of control.

  • Budgets based on Tags and Labels - configure budgets based on your multi-cloud Customer tags for more granular control.

  • Customer Portal (self service) - we know your customers are going to want to use this critical feature to help them manage their cost. We will add support for customer self service in the Customer Portal for their costs.


What do you think of Orbitera Budgets? Let us know!