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TIP: For best results, use Google Chrome when working in the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform. 


Overview: This article provides information on how to setup end user access to the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform portal.


End Customer access the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform via the reseller's customer widget (aka Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform customer portal).


Setup of multiple users is controlled by the reseller. Credentials for end user's access are sent to the client by the reseller. 


To add users to an Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform customer account, follow these steps:

1. Log into the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform

2. Select the Customers module

3. Select the customer you want to add a user to

4. Scroll to the Login Credentials section of the Client screen



5. Click [Add]

6. Complete the fields (make sure to set the status to 'Active') and click [Save]

7. Send an email to the end customer with the login credentials you setup for them. Note: You cannot auto-generate an invitation for add on users.