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Overview: This article provides detailed information on how to unlink an AWS account from a reseller program in Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform.


End Customers who own root access to their AWS account can remove an AWS account(s). An Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform user with a role of Owner can remove their AWS accounts at any time. In all cases, a notification is sent to the reseller and Orbitera's service operations team if this action is completed.


Step 1:  Removing the AWS Account via the AWS Console

At any time, the payer account or linked account owner can end the relationship between the accounts. The account separation takes effect immediately and the linked account owner is billed for that account going forward. If the separation occurs somewhere in the middle of the month, the payer account owner is billed only for the earlier part of the month and the linked account owner is billed for the latter part.


How the linked account owner removes the linked account:

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Billing and Cost Management console

2. Choose "Consolidated Billing" in the navigation pane and verify that the page lists a valid credit card.

3. Select “Remove your account from the Consolidated Bill”


Step 2:  Removing the AWS account from the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform:

Via the reseller customer widget, an end user with Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform credentials would follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform console

2. Select the AWS account they want to remove. The Cloud Account window displays.

3. Click [Delete] then click [OK] on the confirmation popup