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Overview: The following table outlines the types of contracts associated with AWS and how these apply to Orbitera's Reseller program.



Contract Name


AWS Customer Agreement


The AWS Customer Agreement is the standard terms and conditions presented when an individual creates a new AWS Account.


When working under the reseller model, these terms are replaced by the AWS Customer License Terms that are noted in the AWS VAR Agreement.

AWS Customer License Terms (as referenced under the AWS VAR Agreement)


These are the standard terms and conditions that customers are bound to under the VAR AWS reseller program. 


The primary difference between direct and resell is payment terms.

AWS Enterprise Customer Agreement (EA)

AWS’s EA is a custom contract that is not available online. Customers negotiate directly with AWS on this agreement and it replaces the standard AWS Customer Agreement.

AWS Letter of Assignment (LOA)

The AWS LOA accomplishes the following:

· Establishes the terms that control the AWS account (direct or resold)

· Establishes the payment responsibilities to AWS for the account(s)


The AWS LOA is used primarily for the following reasons:

1. AWS client requests root access to an Orbitera-provisioned AWS account (AWS account assigned to them through the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform)

a. Required if client requests to remove the AWS Account from the reseller program.  The LOA transfers the T&Cs and payment responsibility.

2. AWS client account is greater than $50k/month billing in a single AWS account. This replaces existing direct terms with resold terms.