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TIP: For best results, use Google Chrome when working in Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform


Overview: This article provides detailed information on how to create new customer accounts in Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform.


Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform customer accounts can be created two ways:

1. Resellers can create the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform customer account using the reseller portal

2. Customers can request an Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform customer account through the reseller end customer portal, also known as the widget, using the Signup feature. Note: for more information regarding configuring the customer widget, click on this link 

When you create a customer in your 
Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform portal, the following items should be determined:

· What cloud providers are you authorizing your customer to buy?

· What pricebook should be applied to your customer?

· What support plan, if any, do you want to assign to your customer?*

*If you are part of the AWS reseller program, you will be charged with the AWS Business Level Support plan fees. You can mirror this plan with your customers or create a custom price book. If you don't apply a support plan to your AWS customers, then you see a difference in your program margin.


The steps below are from a reseller point of view adding a customer using the reseller portal.


To add a customer, follow these steps:


1. From the Home screen, select the Customer module



2. Click [Add]

3. Client section: this is where you can add company information

a. Organization: enter the company name here

b. Name: enter the contact name here

c. Title: enter the title for the contact here

d. Email: enter the email address for the contact name here. This is the individual that will receive Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform system notifications.

e. Phone: enter the phone number for the contact here

f. Address: enter the company address here

4. Test Drives: these settings should be left un-checked unless you have test drives activated in your end customer portal. Test drives are typically specific to services that run on AWS infrastructure.

5. Cloud Providers: add a check mark to the cloud provider(s) that you want to enable for this customer. Note: the list of cloud providers is subject to change without notice

6. Price Book: select a pricebook from the list of dropdown options

ü Add a check mark to the "Pass RI optimization to customer"* option

*This feature is typically not set when a new customer is setup and is specific to the AWS reseller program. The recommended default is to leave this feature un-checked. Select "Pass RI Optimization to Customer" if you want all reserved instance discounts to passed through to the customer. If this is not checked, only discounts for reserved instances purchased by that customer will be passed to their account.

ü Add a check mark to the Export the AWS detailed bill to S3** option

**For more information regarding configuring the detailed bill to S3 bucket, click on this link

7. Global Discount/Uplift: to set a global price discount, enter a value in the field by moving the slider to create the percentage uplift or discount across the total value of the billing statement.  Global price settings are applied when you generate your billing statement.

ü Add a check mark to the "Is Taxable" option, if applicable.

  i.  Tax Rate: select a tax rate from the list of dropdown options

Note: Tax rate tables are setup and managed under Account>Tables>Tax 

8. Support Plans: add a support plan by cloud provider to the customer account

9. Login Credentials: you must manually enter the end customer login credentials

a. Email: this is the email address that the user will use to log in

b. Password: this is the password that the user will use to log in

c. Status: set the user status by selecting one of the options from the dropdown list. User status options include:

· Pending Email Validation

· Pending Approval

· Active

· Suspended

d. You can send an activation email to your customer by clicking on the [Send Invitation] button Note: the customer widget must be setup for your customer to action the email notification



10. Click [Create]

· When you go back into the account that you just created, you will notice the [Request] and [Add+] buttons at the top of the page

  ii.  Request allows resellers and customers to request the credentials to a new cloud provider account

  iii.  Add enables customers with existing Amazon accounts to be consolidated and manage their AWS accounts in the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform

For more information regarding cloud provider accounts, click on the links below:

· How to Request a New Cloud Provider Account

· How to Add or Link Existing AWS Accounts 

The section below is from the end customer’s point of view of signing up via the reseller end customer portal, also known as the widget.


The end customer experience with the ACM signup process is controlled by the settings that you define in the reseller Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform portal (found in Account > Options). As a reseller, you are responsible for the setup of your end customer widget.


When you direct your customers to your Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform portal and they click on the Signup feature, they will be prompted to enter basic information:



When the customer clicks on the [Signup] button, the following screen displays:



After clicking [Continue], the customer will be directed to the Login page.  If they try to log in, they will receive an "Account not Validated” error message. An email message to approve the signup of your customer will be sent to the email address you specified in the Email Templates. The designated administrator will need to follow these steps:


1. Log into the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform portal and select the Customer module



2. Click on the [Requests] tab



3. Select the customer request that you want to approve then click on one of the buttons:

a. Click on [Delete] if you want to delete the request

b. Click on [Approve] if you want to approve the request

c. Click on [Edit] if you want to edit the request before approving it

  i.  You can authorize your customer for a specific cloud provider program, pricebook and support plans