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TIP: For best results, use Google Chrome when working in Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform


Overview: In this knowledge base article you will learn how to customize a price book.


A default price book is provided for each cloud provider supported under Oribtera Cloud commerce platform. The price books are based on list price for cloud service providers. In the Price Books tab, you can create, edit and delete price books. Oribtera Cloud commerce platform requires you to make a copy of the price book first before you can customize it.

To create a price book, complete these steps:

1) Select the Products module



2) Select the Price Books tab



3) Select the Cloud Provider price book from the drop-down arrow

4) Click [Duplicate]

5) Name your new price book



6) Define the price on your custom price book by entering an adjustment either as a discount (-) or an uplift (+) by percentage off of the list price.  This setting applies to the entire price book.

7) Click [Duplicate] to save your work.


To adjust the price book at the individual line item level, follow these steps:

1) Select the duplicated price book from the price book list and click [Edit]

2) Find the line item(s) you want to adjust, click on it and the view will expand



3) Click on the drop-down arrow in the Adjustment section to view the pricing adjustment options (Default, %, Delta, Fixed)

4) Once you select the option you want to use from the Adjustment drop-down list, the entry field will be active



5) Enter a value for the selected option

6) Click [Save]