Pre-Qualification Questions



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Overview: The following table outlines the discovery questions that are used to determine the appropriate setup for each AWS customer.




Why Is This Important?

Is the account(s) you are migrating currently part of a consolidated bill?

Amazon only allows one level of parent/child account relationships. If the account is under a consolidated billing model today, it must be unlinked before the AWS Account will link to reseller’s Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform account.

Are you planning or currently using any AWS support services? 

Business Level Support Services from AWS is required under the reseller program (by AWS).


Existing customers with Enterprise Support or other grandfather type support services may require special settings in Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform at the Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform client account level.

Are you using any analytic tools from Amazon or other third-party programs?

Some analytic tools require access to the programmatic billing file.  In the shared consolidation model, we must create a separate file for third-party tools to work for specific customers.


There is a specific setting in Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform to accommodate for third-party tools.

Are you using resource tagging? 

Capturing the client’s custom resource tags in Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform can only be done by activating the tag in the primary AWS payer account, which Orbitera owns.


Custom tag information must be provided to Orbitera to ensure Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform captures the data, which enables the customer to run reports against their tags.

Are there any AWS contract terms or special pricing in place that Orbitera should be aware of? 

See AWS Contract Matrix for detailed information on AWS terms and how they apply to the Reseller program.

Do you have access to the email account that was used to open the existing AWS account?

When you link an existing AWS account, an invitation is sent from AWS to the root email address for the AWS account.  An AIM role access will not be able to accept the invitation for linkage.

Does the AWS account currently have programmatic billing setup?

For customers who have the AWS programmatic billing feature on, they would have also setup a new S3 billing bucket.  The existing S3 data file will no longer be written to once the account is linked.  

If the customer requires programmatic billing data, then you must enable the S3 bucket functionality in Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform.  Please see the article under "Advanced Settings" entitled "Setting Up S3 bucket for 3rd Party Tools" for detailed instructions.  

The customer must setup a new billing file that Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform uses to deposit the billing data into. You cannot use the existing S3 data file. Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform will overwrite any data that existed prior to the linking process if the file name is the same.  A separate bucket will ensure there is no gap in data and existing data remains unchanged.


Please contact your Orbitera Sales Representative with questions or further instructions on how to address these special requirements for your customers.