The AWS Test Drives and Azure Fast Trials are being deployed from the CloudFormation and Azure Resource Manager templates. The CloudFormation stacks and ARM Deployments names reflects an unique Orbitera testdrive ID and a testdrive instance ID (which is an unique number assigned to each testdrive run).

You can find your testdrive ID in the Test Drives section:


If you run the testdrive with ID 768 and it has the testdrive instance ID 20351 assigned to this particular run the AWS CloudFormation stack name would be "orbitera-testdrive-768-20351" while the Azure ARM Deployment/ Resource Group name would be "orbiteratestdrive768i20351".

You can use those values to create input parameters unique for each testdrive or testdrive run:

For the example above, with the testdrive ID 768 and the testdrive instance ID 20351, Orbitera would pass the following parameters to the template:

DBName - wpdb-768

DBUser - wpadmin-768

DBPassword - Pass1-20351

DBRootPassword - Pass2-20351

The last two would change in the next testdrive run as the InstanceId would be different.