Orbitera offers a way to perform a callback to a an endpoint upon the completion of a Test Drive. This allows you to pass output parameters to the endpoint, including parameters that can be masked from the user. 

These callbacks are available in the edit Test Drive menu. The URL is the url of the endpoint that you would like orbitera to make a call to. You can use output parameters in the callback by inserting {OutputParam:NAME}. For example, to make a call to an instance that was created by a CloudFormation script that had the IP of the instance specified by the parameter "InstanceIp", you would use http:://{OutputParam:InstanceIp}

This allows you to perform certain actions on your instance before the Test Drive deletes the CloudFormation script. It also enables you to pass parameters to external systems upon the completion of a Test Drive (such as a the name of a s3 bucket).

The Timeout specifies how long Orbitera will wait to delete the stack after the callback is performed.

The Output Parameters section allows you to specify CloudFormation output parameters that you would like to keep hidden from users. For example, if you wanted to create an instance and use the IP of that instance in your callback, but not pass it to the user, you would add it to the section as "InstanceIP" in a simple, comma separated list.