There are two types of approval requests that are handled within Orbitera - requests for new customer accounts (in Customers / Approvals) and requests for additions / modification to cloud accounts. This article covers handling approvals for cloud accounts. Customer account approvals are addressed in the the support article “Customer Approvals.”

When a customer requests to take action from the Cloud Accounts section of the customer widget, it will generate a request within Orbitera.

From the home screen, click on the "Account" button in the top right.

Within the next window, select “Approval Requests”.


The fields here show:

From - The customer or reseller making the request

Request Type - The type of request

Cloud Account Provision - request for a new cloud account of the specified type

Cloud Account Link - request to link an existing account in to Orbitera

Cloud Account Delete - request to delete a cloud account. This will delete it from within Orbitera, but you may need to make changes with the provider to completely delete the account.

Cloud Provider - The third-party provider of the account that is being requested

Status - The current status of the request:




Created At - The time at which the request was made

Selecting an individual request, then pressing View brings you to additional information on the request.


Here, you are able to take action on the request. There are three types of requests.

Based on the action you take, Orbitera may ask for additional information, such as to confirm an account number, or customer details for creating an account via API if the cloud provider supports it. Taking action will generate confirmation emails downstream. You can see all the emails associated with the workflow items in the Email Templates section.