It is easy to create required Terms & Conditions, EULAs, or other end user agreement documents that must be agreed to before customers can take certain actions.


From the home screen, click on the "Account" button in the top right



Within the next window, select “Terms.”


You will see various options descibed below.


Customer cloud account provision - Account database owner section


This section should be customized by whoever is providing the accounts (holds the keys for API calls to a third-party or is loading account numbers into the cloud accounts table). These terms must be agreed to by a customer every time they request a new account. They are customizable on a per-provider basis.


Customer cloud account provision - Additional seller/reseller terms


If you are not the owner of the Cloud Accounts Database, then you can set terms that customers must agree to when requesting accounts that will display in addition to what is set by the Cloud Accounts Database owner. Nothing is needed here if you have a direct relationship with the cloud provider.


Customer cloud account provision - Software EULA


This section sets the EULA section that is agreed to when a customer signs up for the first time. It does not require an explicit approval, but the customer can view it and implicitly accepts it by signing up.


Customer Signup EULA

This section allows you to create a EULA that must be explicitly approved by the customer the first time he logs in. You can specify whether customers are required to accept this agreement in account / options.


Selecting a row, then pressing Edit brings you to additional information on the request.



Clicking “Rearm the agreement for all existing customers” and saving will mean that all customers will need to agree to the updates in the widget before they can continue. Use this option if you are loading new terms which all customers must agree to.