With Orbitera, you decide how you want to handle one-time charges, such as RI charges. Either a new invoice can be immediately created, the charges can be held for invoicing with the rest of the consumption charges (in arrears), or they can be excluded from billing entirely. By creating invoices as soon as the charges hit the detailed bill, resellers can manage these one-time charges without creating out-of-band processes. Configuring this is straightforward within the "Invoices" section of account -> options

The options are as follows:

Invoice for RI Purchases at end-of-month

This option will add one-time purchases to a customer's end-of-month invoice when it generated

Invoice for RI purchases immediately

This option will generate an invoice as soon as the purchase shows up on the detailed billing report. One-time purchases will not show up on the end-of-month invoice

Exclude one-time RI purchases for all billing reports

This option will exclude all one-time purchases from billing reports. Use this if RIs are invoiced for outside of Orbitera.