Due to the automated and hands-off nature of Test Drives and CloudFormation, sometimes you will encounter issues launching Test Drives. Below are just a few of the reasons you might be having trouble. If you go through this list and are still having trouble, please open a ticket with Orbitera for support.

1. Unsupported service - CloudFormation is currently supported by AWS in all regions, but not all regions contain all the services that might be used in your CloudFormation stack. Ensure that the region you are launching in has the services you need.

2. Passing parameters - Test Drives are sandboxed environments that require no input from the user. A common mistake is to include parameters such as keys in the CloudFormation template. For test drives, all parameters must be hardcoded except for certain Orbitera-provided parameters.

3. IAM permissions - Test Drives use the access key / secret key associated with an IAM user to launch CloudFormation scripts. If the IAM user does not have read/write access to CloudFormation and all the services and keys required to launch the stack, the stack creation process will fail. Ensure your IAM permissions are set to allow the correct level of access.

4. AMI not available in Test Drive Region - make sure any AMIs you are using in your Test Drive are available in the region you are running the Test Drive in.