When a customer launches a Test Drive, Orbitera will create a CloudFormation stack from the CloudFormation template that was uploaded for the TestDrive. You can view the details and progress of the Stack creation from within Orbitera by clicking on the "Test Drive Instance" that Orbitera creates each time a Test Drive is launched.

The status of each Test Drive instance will be either Launching, In Progress, or Completed. You can stop a test drive at any time before it is completed by selecting it and selecting the "Stop" button. This will cause Orbitera to attempt to delete the CloudFormation stack, and will end the Test Drive once the stack is deleted.

To view the status of a Test Drive, select an instance and select "View." This will give you the details such as when the stack was created and how much time is left in the test drive. Scroll down to see the detailed output from the stack creation process. If the CloudFormation stack failed to properly execute, the TestDrive will show as failed. This could happen for a number of reasons, please see the section on debugging your CloudFormation script for more information.