Invoices allow you to create invoices for the subscriptions and cloud services that your customers have purchased or used. Invoices are calculated using a combination of subscriptions and charges from cloud accounts. Invoices are created in the following manner:

1) Subscriptions are added to a customer's invoice

2) The total amount of cloud infrastructure that is included in subscriptions that customer has purchased is calculated (pre-purchased cloud infrastructure)

3) All from any third-party clouds accounts associated to that customer are calculated, based on bills that are loaded in and price list attached to that customer / account

4) Orbitera removes any reserved instance savings for RI's that were purchased by the payer account

5) Orbitera subtracts the total amount of pre-purchased cloud infrastructure from the third-party cloud charges

6) Normalized third-party cloud charges are added to the bills. If the customer used less infrastructure than they pre-purchased, by default no discount is given. If they use more, by default Orbitera includes the overage in the invoice

Taxes are added in if you are subscribed to Orbitera's tax service. For more information please contact your Orbitera representative.

If you have automated bill processing turned on, Orbitera will notify you when the final bill is available. To create final invoices, navigate to the Billing module and select Reports / AWS Billing Customer Report. Click on "View."

You will see a report with all your customer billings. This report contains the latest billing data. You can compare your "cost" from the cloud provider to the "price" you will be charging customers for that infrastructure. To create invoices for the month, click on the "Generate Invoices" button highlighted below. Note that once invoices are generated, this step cannot be undone without significant effort.

Now that invoices have been created, you can view them by navigating to the "Customer Invoices" tab. You can filter by customer, billing period, discount, status, and totals. Select an invoice and select "View" to view that invoice.

The invoice provides an overview of charge as well as a link to download a detailed CSV. This CSV contains the detailed usage charges and their associated price for that specific customer. Customers can access their invoices in the customer portal.

Now that you've created an invoice, you may want to access the data via API to fill details into your existing billing systems. Orbitera provides an API for access to billing and customer data. For more details, please navigate to the section on Orbitera's APIs.