Orbitera C2M can be configured to automatically import and process your billing data daily, weekly, or monthly. Daily imports are recommended to provide your customers with the most up to date usage data. 

The first step is to add the payer account containing the data to Orbitera. Please also sure that programmatic billing is turned on, and make note of the S3 bucket that programmatic billing data is saved to. You can learn more about enabling programmatic billing at http://docs.aws.amazon.com/awsaccountbilling/latest/about/programaccess.html#useprogramaccess-signup

Click on "Account" in the top right section of the admin portal, and click on "Tables."

Next, click on "Add"

The dialog box that opens will allow you to add an account. 

Select the cloud provider and enter the account number and enter the account number and email address associated with the account. Check the box that says "Payer Account."

You will now see a dialog with instructions to add a role to the account. Follow the instructions (copied below) and paste the role ARN into the box that says Role ARN.

  1. Login to your Amazon IAM console Roles section
  2. Click "Create New Role"
  3. Enter Orbitera as the "Role Name" and click continue
  4. Select "Role for Cross-Account Access"
  5. Select "Allows IAM users from a 3rd party AWS account to access this account"
  6. Enter the following:

    Account ID: 328676173091
    External ID: (enter the ID on screen)

  7. Select "Read only access" from the policy template list
  8. Click continue
  9. Click "Create Role"
  10. Select the newly created Orbitera role in your roles list
  11. Click on the "Summary" tab
  12. Copy the "Role ARN" value and paste it the appropriate field
  13. Enter a Description
  14. Click "Save"

Ensure that the S3 bucket that contains the billing data. Ensure it can be accessed by a read only role in your account.

Save the information.

Click on the icon for the billing section of Orbitera and click on Imports.  

Click on "New Job" - this will open the dialog box you see below

Select whether  you want bills to be imported daily, weekly, or monthly. Note that you will pay for any data transfer out from your S3 bucket. Select the payer account you added earlier, and enter the name of the S3 bucket that contains your billing data in the bucket section. 

The "Start import with" lets you control which bills will be imported into Orbitera - you can enter the year and month you want to start with and Orbitera will import all months starting with that months, and then will automatically import new data as it's added by AWS. Orbitera will process your billing report with tags if it exists. 

Click "Save"
Your data will start importing and be processed. This could take up to an hour the first time. 
If you have any questions or need additional help please contact Orbitera support.