Welcome to Orbitera! 

Tip: For best results, use Google Chrome when working with Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform.

Overview: This section explains how to configure a new Orbitera account.  Orbitera is comprised of several modules that work together to provide you with a complete cloud channel solution. These components include Dashboard, Products, Test Drives, Billing, Partners, and Customers.  It is helpful to navigate through these modules to become familiar with the layout of Orbitera.  If you have questions or want to browse the help articles, click on the "?" shown below.

1.) Creating an account

  • From the home screen click on the "Account" button in the top right corner of the screen.

The first menu item on the top is "Account Data." This is the top level data for an account. Read through it, ensure it's accurate, and add any missing information. This is the contact information Orbitera uses to reach an account contact. The "Public Profile" section is visible to others when your contact information is provided (for example, with a Test Drive). 

If API access has been enabled for your account, your access keys will appear here as well. If you would like API access to your account data, please open a ticket to request it.

Next, click on "Users" in the top menu

Here you can manage all the users in your account. There are three types of users: Owners, Members and Customers. Owners can login to the administrative portal, and access account and billing information. Members can login to the administrative portal, but cannot access account and billing information. Customers can login to the customer portal, and launch Test Drives if they have been verified. You can add additional Owner/Member users here, customers must be added in the Customer module.

Now, click on the "Tables" in the top menu. This is where you can manage cost centers, tax/VAT tables, and currency. Tax, VAT, and currency are alpha features and are not yet supported. If you'd like to be notified when they will become available, please open a ticket and request more information about these features.

"Cloud Accounts" is covered in the "Add New AWS Accounts" article. 

"Logs" contains logs files of all system changes performed by administrators, such as changes to customers or changes to pricing tables.

"Subscription" is where you can manage your Orbitera subscription, edit payment information, and view past bills.

"Options" contains lists where you can restrict access or grant access to Test Drives, and access code to embed the store or Test Drive widgets in your website.