Orbitera provides a simple and convenient widgets that exposes customer facing components including Test Drives, Store, Account Management, Reports, and more in your own website. All that's needed is a couple of snippets of Javascript added to your site to provide the full Test Drive experience for your customers. You have the option of a widget that pops up, a widget that is embedded, or a miniature version of the widget that is just a signup screen, that pops up into the full widget.

To obtain the necessary code, please navigate to the Accounts/Options section.

Scroll down to the widget section.

Orbitera provides a single widget that can be configured to launch with the desired behavior. The store, test drives, and customer accounts are all available from within the widget.

The widget can be configured to send a user directly to the store, to the test drive menu, or to a specific test drive. 

Simply select whether you want the widget to open to the store or test drives from the drop down. Then copy and paste the code that's provided into your website. The javascript should ideally appear before the </head> tag in your html, unless you are using the embedded-login option described below. The Footer Text will appear in the Footer of the widget.

You can modify the variables in the widget code to control the behavior of the widget. For example, the following code will create a widget that is initially hidden until the function orbitera_widget.show(); is called, at which point it will appear as an overlay:


<!-- Begin Orbitera Widget Code -->
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
  var is_ssl = ("https:" == document.location.protocol);
  var setsHost = is_ssl ? "https://www.orbitera.com/c2m/" : "http://www.orbitera.com/c2m/";
  document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + setsHost + "js/widget_over.js?_t="+(new Date).getTime()+"' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
  var orbitera_widget_options = {};
  orbitera_widget_options.display = "overlay";
  orbitera_widget_options.placement = "hidden"; // "left","hidden"
  orbitera_widget_options.account = "aws";
  orbitera_widget_options.page = "testdrives";
  orbitera_widget_options.orbiteraURL = setsHost;
  var orbitera_widget = new OrbiteraWidget.widget(orbitera_widget_options);
<!-- End Orbitera Widget Code --> 


There are several options within the code which can be configured to control the behavior of the widget. 


orbitera_widget_options.page = "store";

  - Valid options are "store", "testdrives", "account", and "testdrives/view/[TestDriveID]". Controls what the widget displays when it first opens. 



orbitera_widget_options.placement = "left"; // "left","hidden"

  - Controls where the widget appears. If you want to open the widget from a button click, you want to set this to “hidden.” "right" "left" and "embedded" are also valid options.


 orbitera_widget_options.display = "embedded-login";

  - valid options are "overlay", "embedded", and "embedded-login". Overlay means that the widget will show up as an overlay on the page. Embedded will embed the widget so that it shows up by default. Embedded-login allows you to embed just the signup portion and have the widget open as an overlay after a customer signs up.

If you embed just the signup portion, the width should be between 200 px and 350 px. You can control the background color of the sign-on widget by adding the following line into the widget code. The value between the quotes is the hex formatted color code for the widget background. If you leave this line out, the background will default to grey.


orbitera_widget_options.theme_body_background = "ffeeff"; // color code in hex format (RRGGBB)



If you are hiding then widget, then, you just need to call  


 as an action to open the widget. For example, a link that opens the widget would look like this:


<a href="javascript:;" onclick="orbitera_widget.show(); return false;">Open Customer Portal</a>


Note that if you are embedding the signup portion, you do not need to hide the widget and you should place the widget code in the container you want the signup widget to appear.

You will also see this comment in the code –



  // Optionally you can specifying the Test Drive to be used with this widget, like this:
  // orbitera_widget_options.page = "testdrives/view/TEST_DRIVE_ID";



Uncomment this and enter the test drive ID to have the widget open directly to that specific test drive.


The test drive ID is available in the Test Drive menu (shown below).

If you need help with embedding your widget, please open a ticket and one of our support staff will be happy to assist you!