New customers can be added into Orbitera manually by an administrator. They can also register and be approved for access by an administrator. Customer data can be accessed via API, described in the section on Orbitera APIs  This guide will demonstrate how to create and approve new customer registrations. Customers must be added into Orbitera and properly configured with cloud accounts to properly support consolidated billing.

Click on the "Customers" button

Click "Add" at the bottom of the page

Enter the relevant customer information. 

Select a "Price Book" for this customer. This is the default pricebook containing the rates that all cloud charges will be billed at for this customer, unless overridden on an individual account level.

Select "Pass RI Optimization to Customer" if you want all reserved instance discounts to passed through to the customer. If this is not checked, only discounts for reserved instances purchased at the linked account level will be passed to the customer

To add a cloud account, click on "Add" under cloud accounts. Note that multiple accounts can be added to a single customer account.

Select the cloud provider and enter the account number. Note that the account must be configured after being manually added by navigating to the "Cloud Accounts" section under "Accounts" at the top.

To apply a custom pricebook to this account, select the pricebook. If this is left blank, the account will be billed at the rates under the Price Book selected in the customer information screen.

To attach this account to a cost center, pick the cost center from the drop down list. To configure cost centers, see the "Adding Cost Centers" article.

Click on "Save."

Click on "Create" at the bottom of the new customer page. Congratulations, you've added a new customer!

If a customer registers via an external form, such as a test drive, the customer will appear in the requests queue. Select a customer and click "Approve" to approve the customer's registration request. Once approved the customer will be able to login to the customer portal, and their information will appear in the customer section. If they requested a new account, it will automatically be assigned provided there are accounts available to assign.